Services and Policies

Services and Policies

CTU faculty, adjunct faculty, scholars-in-residence, students, and staff are the primary patrons of the CTU Library and must obtain a valid institutional identification card and register with the Library between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. All CTU ID cards must be validated, or re- validated at the Circulation Desk at the time of registration or at the time of a change in status. The CTU ID also serves as a library card when visiting I-Share libraries.

CTU patrons who use the libraries of ACTS Schools (Association of Chicago Theological Schools) need to obtain a valid ACTS Borrower Identification Card at the circulation desk before going to these libraries. The ACTS card must be renewed every six months in the library.


In order to use the University of Chicago library, CTU patrons must present both their CTU ID and valid ACTS Borrower Identification Card at the ID & Privileges Office located in Regenstein Library.


CTU patrons who are distance learners are eligible for participating in the ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program. A map of participating institutions shows where the libraries are located. Please contact public services/circulation for more information.


Reciprocal borrowing agreements do not apply to local public libraries, which require proof of residence before issuing library cards. Patrons who wish to apply for a Chicago Public Library card can do so by providing the required identification at any CPL branch. In addition, the PBL participates in InfoPass which will allow one-day use of other libraries in the Chicago area. Please contact public services/circulation for more information.


Graduates of CTU are given a card for access to the Paul Bechtold Library upon verification of their status as graduates. This card must be updated annually. Please note that borrowing privileges from I-Share and ACTS libraries are not available to alumni.


If you are a graduate of CTU there are also three databases you may access via these links: ATLAS for Alums, JSTOR, and Project Muse. Please contact Alumni Coordinator Bernadette Raspante to receive the username and password information for these databases.



ACTS, University of Chicago, American Islamic College and ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program patrons registering for CTU Library borrowing privileges must visit the circulation desk Monday-Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Borrowing privileges do not include access to interlibrary loan services for requesting items not held at the CTU Library.


All ACTS (Association of Chicago Theological Schools) users must have an institutional ID from their school and a valid ACTS Borrower Identification Card. ACTS users are required to register with the CTU Library and receive a 14-digit library barcode, which will be attached to the identification card from their home institution. ACTS users must have their CTU Library privileges validated each semester.


University of Chicago users can obtain access to the CTU Library by displaying their UChicago Card to library staff at CTU. CTU staff will contact the University of Chicago Library’s ID and Privileges Office to confirm that the applicant is currently affiliated with the University of Chicago. Students will need to renew their privileges each semester. Faculty and staff will be given privileges on an annual basis.


American Islamic College users (faculty, students, staff) must have an institutional ID from AIC with a valid date of expiration. AIC users are required to register with the CTU Library and receive a 14-digit library barcode, which will be attached to the identification card from AIC.


Patrons whose libraries participate in the ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program must provide appropriated identification information as required by their home institution.


Patrons from the I-Share member schools must have a current and valid identification card from their institution.


The library participates in RAILS InfoPass which allows some Chicago area library patrons to use the PBL. Please contact your home library for information.

Researchers unaffiliated with CTU may use the Library for short time periods with the approval of the Library Director, but without borrowing privileges. If you would like to request access to the library, please fill out this form.

Patrons from any category who have registered for borrowing privileges can borrow any of the library’s circulating materials. Materials labeled as “Local Request Only,” such as theses, can be borrowed in person, but may not be requested through interlibrary loan.


Non-Circulating Materials


Periodicals and reference books are for in-library use only. Two copiers, one with scanning capability, are available in the library.

Reserve Books and Materials


Books and materials placed on class reserves are to be read or photocopied in the Library. Students may borrow two items at a time for in library use only. Reserve items may be borrowed overnight one-half hour before the library closes and returned by 9 a.m. on the next school day [There is a two (2)-item limit]. Books returned late are fined at $1.00 for any portion of the first hour overdue and $1.00 for each additional hour up to a maximum of $5.00 per each reserve book overdue.

If a book is needed for Reserve or recalled by another patron it should be returned immediately. Books that are only available in the CTU library can be recalled by another student after two weeks from the date borrowed. All other titles may be requested through I-Share or Interlibrary Loan (see Book Requests below.)

Loan Periods:


The loan period for books for CTU patrons is one semester.

One renewal of 60 days is allowed for books.

For all other patrons the loan period for books is 30 days with one renewal of 30 days.

The loan period for AV materials is 7 days with one renewal of 7 days.


Reserve books that circulate overnight are fined at $1.00 for any portion of the first hour overdue and $1.00 for each additional hour up to a maximum of $10.00 per each reserve book overdue. Books recalled for Reserve should be returned immediately, or will be subject to a fine. Books not returned in (5) working days will be charged $5.00 per book per day.

Lost/Damaged Books

Replacement charges for lost/damaged books include the price of the book plus a $15.00 processing fee. The library staff will determine the need for replacement of a damaged book.

Book Renewals

Renewals are the responsibility of the patron and can be done by computer either in the library or remotely by accessing the My Account button in the library catalog.

Book Requests

Requesting books that are currently in circulation, is the responsibility of the patron. Book requests should only be made for books from other libraries. If a book reads “available” in the catalog, the patron should retrieve the book. Staff cannot retrieve books available on the shelves of the CTU library. A request for books can be transacted by clicking on the REQUEST feature for the item in the I-Share catalog.

Suggestions for Purchase

CTU patrons with purchase suggestions for the Bechtold Library should e-mail publication details of suggested items to Library Director Kris Veldheer.

Computers and Wireless Access

There are six computers located near the entrance dedicated for library research. Students can use these to check the online catalog or look for periodical articles. In addition there are several lab computers set up in the Northwest corner of the library. The printer is located near the lab computers. Please contact the IT office in room 528 (in the library) for assistance with the lab computers.

The library is wireless, and you are welcome to use your laptop. Please contact the IT office at 773-371- 5470 or room 528 (in the library) if you are having difficulty connecting to the wireless network.

Scanning and Photocopying

There is a book edge scanner available to make electronic copies of books and articles, which can be emailed or saved as a file to a USB drive at no charge. Two photocopy machines are also available, one of which is also capable of scanning a document to be sent by email.

Room Reservations

Reservation forms to use the Weber-Killgallon Room or the Stuhmueller Room should be submitted to the Library Circulation Desk at least twenty-four hours prior to use. Reservation forms are located at the Circulation Desk.